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            Meet the Owners

            Nainish todankar - Futures Creation

            Nainish Todankar

            heena todankar - Futures Creation

            Heena Todankar

            Founder & Creative Director

            Formally trained in visual communication design and mass media, Nainish envisioned starting her own company in 2008 while he was at Arena Multimedia  in Mumbai. He believes calling is to understand a problem – not to just make things pretty, but to design with intention, making sure that each decision has a clear rationale.

            Thought Over Design was launched since 2008 with the simple idea that good design is the outcome of ‘thinking’ mindfully and intentionally about things before doing them.

            Having worked with more then 300+ clients over the last fifteen years, Nainish is sniper focused on elevating the quality and value of design in India and other Countries.

            Founder & Digital Expert

            Heena Todankar heads the digital arm at Futures Creation with a singular focus on driving patient retention based integrative digital strategies that go beyond the conventional digital ‘vanity metrics’ to get real business results that matter.