Bulk email is a marketing message sent by a brand to multiple recipients at once. Its aim is to promote the business, sell goods, develop the relationships.Today, marketers prefer to use bulk email services to deliver an important message without much effort. Unlike junk emails which are sent without the recipients’ permission, bulk emails are legal marketing campaigns since the recipients subscribe to receive them. However, if bulk email marketing is not properly managed, users may consider it spam, and consequently, it may hurt sender reputation. When creating and sending bulk email campaigns, remember to adhere to the CAN-SPAM Act to avoid penalties and losses to the business.

Types of bulk email

Newsletters. A newsletter is a good way of keeping subscribers in the loop about what’s going on in a business. In most cases, they provide insights, notifications or guides to customers in a bid to help them understand a particular service or product better.
Promotional emails. Bulk email is effective at promoting sales, attracting customers with offers and deals, and building brand awareness. These emails can also be used to suggest appropriate products to existing and prospective customers.
Acquisition emails. These are messages sent with the goal of acquiring new customers and are typically directed at prospects on a list who are yet to convert. They may be used to share special offers to convince these potential customers to make a purchase.
Retention emails. These mass emails are generally sent to existing clients to encourage them to keep purchasing from the company. They aim to boost a brand’s customer loyalty.